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PRIME II coordinated activities in Asia from a regional office in Bangkok, Thailand. A country office in New Delhi, India, managed PRIME's assistance to six programs concentrating on improving family planning, reproductive and maternal and child health care, primarily in the state of Uttar Pradesh. PRIME also partnered on an initiative focusing on adolescent reproductive health in the Philippines. In Bangladesh, PRIME assisted large-scale pre-service and in-service training operations to prepare primary providers to implement an essential health services package.

January-June 2002 (6/2002)
January-June 2003 (8/2003)
July-December 2002 (12/2002)
PRIME Voices
India: Community Partnerships for Safe Motherhood (8/2001)
India: Harnessing the Profit Motive (3/2003)
India: Involving Men in Partnerships for Safe Motherhood (6/2003)
India: Supporting and Training the Village Dais (2/2002)
India: Supportive Supervision for Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives (6/2001)
Philippines: Integrating Family Planning with HIV Prevention for High-Risk Youth (12/2003)
PRIME Dispatches
From Community to Action: Managing Postabortion Complications in Rural Uttar Pradesh, India (6/2001)
Bangladesh: Equipping Paramedics with Clinical Knowledge and Skills (11/2001)
Bangladesh: Expanded Services, More Clients (10/2002)
Bangladesh: The Health and Population Sector Programme (HPSP) (2/2004)
India: Community Partnerships for Safe Motherhood (10/2002)
India: Community Partnerships for Safe Motherhood and Child Survival (8/2000)
India: Home Based Life-Saving Skills (8/2000)
India: Postabortion Complications and Management in Rural Uttar Pradesh (9/2000)
India: Promoting Better Health Behaviors (11/2002)
Philippines: Improving Sexual Behaviors among High-Risk Youth (2/2004)
PRIME Technical Reports
Assessment of Health Sub-centers in Jhansi District in preparation for Clinic-based Family Planning (CBFP) Training and Upgrading (8/2000)
Baseline Survey Report: In-Service Training, Health and Population Sector Program (HPSP), Bangladesh (8/2003)
Capacity and Capability for the Essential Service Package (ESP) Program in Bangladesh: A Review of the PRIME/National Integrated Population and Health Project (NIPHP) Program (7/2002)
Effects of Paramedics Training on Provider Performance and Client Use of Services in Bangladesh (6/2002)
Follow-up Assessment of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Family Planning Clinical Training Course in Gujarat (9/2000)
Follow-up on Training of Indigenous Systems of Medicine Practitioners in Non-clinical Methods of Family Planning in Uttar Pradesh, India (8/2000)
Implementation of the National In-Service Training Strategy for the Essential Service Package: Final Project Review of the PRIME II Bangladesh Health and Population Sector Program (9/2003)
Indigenous Systems of Medicine Practitioners (ISMP) Contraceptive Sales Motivation in India (8/2003)
Postabortion Complications and Their Management: A Community Assessment Conducted in Rural Uttar Pradesh, India (6/2001)