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West and Central Africa

PRIME II’s office in Dakar, Senegal, served as the hub for the Project’s efforts in West and Central Africa (WCA). Region-wide activities coordinated in Dakar included Maximizing Access and Quality (MAQ) and Postabortion Care (PAC) initiatives and Performance Improvement short courses and workshops, all aimed specifically at Francophone Africa. PRIME also maintained offices in Benin, Ghana, Mali, Rwanda and Senegal to facilitate the implementation of specific country programs.

January-June 2002 (6/2002)
January-June 2003 (8/2003)
July-December 2002 (12/2002)
PRIME Voices
Benin and Mali: Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage (8/2003)
Ghana: Glasses for Midwives (9/2002)
Ghana: Self-Directed Learning Strengthens Bonds Between Midwives and Adolescents (11/2001)
Mali: Advocacy to End Female Genital Cutting (10/2003)
Rwanda: Keeping Newborns HIV Free (6/2002)
Rwanda: Mutuelles Increase Access to Improved Services (12/2002)
Senegal: Breakthrough Conference on Postabortion Care in Francophone Africa (4/2002)
Senegal: Building a Model for Community-Level Postabortion Care (7/2003)
Senegal: Supportive Supervision for Community-Based Health Workers (3/2004)
PRIME Dispatches
An Action Plan in Benin: Strategies, Protocols and Training for Better Family Health (10/2002)
Benin: An Action Plan to Reduce Maternal and Neonatal Mortality (11/2001)
Benin: Collaboration and Coordination with PROSAF (11/2001)
Benin: Testing National Family Health Protocols (10/2002)
Benin: Testing New Protocols for Better Family Health Care (8/2002)
Benin: Training Pharmacists as Family Planning Providers (11/2001)
Francophone PAC, Nigeria MAQ: When a Meeting Is More Than Just a Meeting (10/2002)
Ghana: Cost Analysis and Tools for Health Care Planners (10/2002)
Ghana: Costing and Cost and Results Analysis for Effective Approaches and Interventions (2/2004)
Ghana: Decentralized Health Care (7/2000)
Ghana: Improving Client-Provider Interaction and Counseling (10/2002)
Ghana: Midwives Improve Adolescent FP/RH Services (11/2001)
Ghana: Self-Paced Learning for Safe Motherhood Providers (5/2002)
Guinea: Safe Motherhood in Northern Guinea: A Community Partnership (5/2001)
Mali, Benin, Ethiopia: Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage with Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor (2/2004)
Mali: Counseling and Advocacy to Abandon Female Genital Cutting (2/2004)
Mali: Malian Leaders Join Movement to Abandon Female Genital Cutting (11/2001)
Mali: Provider Training and Community Outreach to Eliminate Harmful Practice (10/2002)
Nigeria: Strategy for Family Planning Program Recovery (1/2001)
Rwanda, Ethiopia: Scaling-Up Services to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (2/2004)
Rwanda: A Stronger Role for Primary Providers and Communities (11/2003)
Rwanda: Community-Provider Partnerships (11/2003)
Rwanda: Effective Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (10/2002)
Rwanda: Improving Service Quality through Provider-Community Partnerships (12/2002)
Rwanda: Mutuelles Increase Access to Health Care (8/2002)
Rwanda: Mutuelles Unify the Population (11/2003)
Rwanda: National Reproductive Health Policy and Training (11/2003)
Rwanda: Prepayment Schemes Improve Accessibility and Quality of FP/RH Services (10/2002)
Rwanda: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (11/2003)
Senegal: A Community Model for Postabortion Care Services (2/2004)
Senegal: Supervision and Other Non-training Interventions (11/2002)
West, Central and North Africa: First Francophone PAC Conference Promotes Access to Quality Services (4/2002)
PRIME Technical Reports
An Assessment of the Impact of PRIME interventions on the Training Capacity and Reproductive Health Service Delivery in Ghana (5/2000)
Assessing the Performance of Pharmacy Agents in Counseling Family Planning Users and Providing the Pill in Benin: An Evaluation of Intrah/PRIME and PSI Training Assistance to the Benin Social Marketing Program (3/2003)
Assessment of Community-Based Distribution in the Republic of Ghana (4/2000)
Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Lead District Readiness Assessment Vols. 1 and 2 (10/2002)
Contraceptive Discontinuation and the Client’s Experience of Method Use and Services (12/2000)
Diagnostic Assessment of the Performance and Potential of Front Line Health Workers for CBD Supervision in Bazenga Province, Burkina-Faso (9/2000)
Evaluation de la Situation Financière des Centres de Santé et des Hôpitaux Participant dans le Système de Pré-paiement au Rwanda (1/2003)
Evaluation of the GRMA/PRIME Self-Directed Learning, Client-Provider Interaction and Adolescent Reproductive Health Initiative (11/2001)
Follow-up of Performance by Pharmacy Agents Trained in Contraceptive Technology Between 1998 and 2001 in Benin (3/2003)
Follow-up of Providers Trained in the Use of Family Health Services Protocols in the Departments of Borgou/Alibori, Atlantic/Littoral, and Mono/Couffo in Benin (11/2003)
Identification des Besoins en Performance des Prestataires de Services en Santé de la Reproduction au Rwanda (10/2003)
Performance Needs Assessment for Reproductive Health Providers in Rwanda (10/2003)
Performance Needs Assessment of Safe Motherhood Regional Resource Teams in Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions of Ghana (7/2002)
Performance Needs Assessment on Emergency Obstetrical and Neonatal Care Among Providers in the Malanville-Karimama Health Zone of Benin (3/2003)
Study of the Effects of Incorporating Selected Reproductive Health Services on Family Planning Services: A Case Study in the Eastern Region of Ghana (11/2000)
Study of the Effects of Technical Supervision Training on CBD Supervisors’ Performance in Seven Regions of Ghana (3/2000)
Suivides Prestataires Formés a l'Utilisation des Protocoles des Services de Santé Familiale dans les Départements de Borgou/de l'Alibori, de l'Atlantique/de Littoral, et du Mono/du Couffo en Benin (11/2003)